Hi, I'm Alex Oda.

A digital prduct manager focused on simple, intuitive solutions that solve business problems.

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About me

I’m a digital product manager with a background in user experience and a passion for solving complex business problems with a data-driven approach.

The UX background allows me to identify emerging user patterns and optimization options by applying a sense and respond approach in crafting user-centric solutions that drive business objectives. I strongly believe that great outcomes come out of processes that are flexible enough to adapt to the challenge at hand.

I’m passionate about Formula 1 and sim racing, when not in front of the computer screen I like to get together with friends & family, work on a project in / around the house or go kayaking on a nearby lake.


  • Understanding the problem

    • Gather Requirements
    • Define Goals
    • Heuristic Evaluation
    • Analytics Review
    • Stakeholder Interviews

  • Defining the audience

    • User Surveys
    • Personas
    • User Testing

  • Outlining the structure

    • App / Feature Map
    • User Flows
    • User Journey

  • Defining the solution

    • Sketch / Wireframe
    • Collaborative design sessions
    • Define KPIs
    • User & Stakeholder Validation

  • Measuring defined KPIs

    • Phased release
    • A/B Test
    • User Testing
    • Adapt Solution

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