The existing platform was used by restaurant owners and operating staff to create, customize and print promotional materials. It was a labor intensive “off the shelf” system used that users avoided. Lacking quality control and customization capabilities, it also drove users to print via local print supplier instead of preferred partner.


  • Raised organic adoption rate by 45%
  • Process

    By creating a feature map to collaborate on with the project manager and client, I was able to break down the application into smaller chunks in order to discover and refine the most relevant features that needed improvement within the flow and prioritize development.

    This helped increase platform usage and encouraged printing through the integrated preferred partner instead of local download of assets.

    This included:

  • Developed a frictionless process for customizing and printing templates
  • Incorporated new e-commerce functionality that integrates print on demand capability with 3rd party vendors
  • Integrated the new product in the owner management master platform for enhanced visibility.
  • Application Map
    User Journeys
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    Print Cart

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